There is lots to see and do in the Shire of Bruce Rock.

To get a quick look at Bruce Rock, visit the YouTube video Russell Goodrick’s Best Country Towns – Bruce Rock or visit the Pathways to Wave Rock video to get a good look at our fabulous Wheatbelt region.

If you’d like to stay in Bruce Rock, check out the accommodation available by clicking here.

If you’d like to visit other towns in the Wheatbelt region, visit the Merredin Visitor Centre or check out their website here.


Some of our favourite attractions in the Shire of Bruce Rock are below:

Bruce’s Rock:

Bruce’s Rock is a low granite outcrop which lies 2km to the east of the town. It was named after the sandalwood cutter John Rufus Bruce who set up his camp near a soak at the base of the rock. The rock is signposted to the east of the town. Cross over the railway line and take the Bruce Rock Rd until you see the green sign pointing to a dirt road heading north.


At the rock, there is a sign that reads:

“This marks the camp site of John Rufus Bruce after whom Bruce Rock was named. The small soak was originally a native soak, possibly centuries old. The deep well is a good example of the method used in stoning wells in the early 1900s by the Public Works Department.”

John Septimus Roe explored the area in 1836 but, like most of the Wheatbelt, it was not settled until after 1900, with land being released for agriculture in 1908. In the intervening years, the only people in the area were pastoralists, with large lease holdings who grazed sheep, and the occasional sandalwood cutter, such as John Rufus Bruce. John Rufus Bruce went on to become a coastal trader, owning his own barque, and ​with sandalwood forming part of his trade.


Kokerbin Rock:

Australia’s third largest monolith (single rock) is only 40km west of Bruce Rock. It is located between Bruce Rock and Quairading; around a 20 minute drive from Shackleton. The rock stands on 9 hectares of ground, and reaches 122m into the sky. A beautiful spot for picnics and studies of untouched flora and fauna. We have now created a “Kokerbin Rock Scenic Drive” from Bruce Rock townsite. You can either do a loop back to Bruce Rock or continue on to your next destination. Printable brochure is available from our “resources” page.




Australia’s Smallest Bank:

Australia’s smallest bank is located in Shackleton, only a 15 minute drive from Bruce Rock. Take a photo with this ‘cute’ tourist attraction.

Smallest Bank



Ardath Hotel:

The Ardath Hotel is a beautifully refurbished building, perfect for a sit down lunch on the way to Corrigin. It is located 21km from Bruce Rock town.

ardath hotel



Bruce Rock Federation Amphitheatre:

The Amphitheatre in Bruce Rock is located on the main street (Johnson St) and boasts beautiful gardens and a well maintained barbecue/picnic area. Public toilets are located at the Amphitheatre, making it the perfect stop for lunch when passing through town.

amphitheatre1 amphitheatre2



Bruce Rock Museum:

The Museum is open from 2.00 – 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday.


Kwolyin Camping​:

Camping at Kwolyin has now replaced camping at the base of Kokerbin Rock due to nature reserve conditions. Visit the Shire of Bruce Rock website for information by clicking here.


Bruce Rock Mosaic Pathway:

The mosaic pathway was created for Bruce Rock’s centenary celebrations in 2013. The pathway contains over 290 mosaic slabs which depict farms, buildings, churches, sporting groups, shops and families from days gone by. A booklet containing an excerpt about each slab can be purchased at the Bruce Rock Community Resource Centre for the small price of $6.00.