Career Development

The Department of Regional Development’s Community Development Division supports the delivery of services to regional communities through Community Resource Centres (CRCs) across WA.

The Department of Regional Development has entered into an agreement with the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) for CRCs to deliver free career development services across Western Australia.

DTWD funds a state wide delivery of career development service through a network of Workforce Development Centres. The network of Workforce Development Centres operates from 34 locations throughout the state. The WDCs aim to assist people to make more informed educational, training and occupational choices, whether they are just starting their career, re-entering the workforce or looking for a career change.

The agreement between the Department of Regional Development and the Department of Training and Workforce Development enables Community Resource Centres to assist people to access career development services in communities where Workforce Development Centres do not exist. CRC staff can help you access publicly funded vocational education services and training programs available through the internet, telephone, and/or video conferencing. Services and facilities at CRCs are free for people accessing WDC services only.

Find out more at the Department of Training and Workforce Development by clicking here.