The Rock Review

Please see bottom of page​ for the online subscription of The Rock Review.

The Rock Review is published voluntarily by​ the Bruce Rock Community Resource Centre (Inc), with sponsorship from the Bruce Rock Shire Council, on a weekly basis.

The Rock Review is compiled on Tuesday mornings by a group of volunteers, and then distributed by another group of volunteers on Thursday mornings.

The Rock Review is A4 portrait, and printed in greyscale. The Rock Review is also accessible online, via subscription, which is emailed to a nominated address to view in full colour.

To access the online version, please email and state that you wish to access the paper electronically.


Prices for inclusions are as follows:

SizeCostWidth of InclusionLength of Inclusion
Full A4 page$32.00 p/week20 cm28 cm
3/4 page$24.00 p/week20 cm21cm
2/3 page$22.00 p/week20 cm19 cm
1/2 page$16.00 p/week20 cm14 cm
1/3 page$11.00 p/week20 cm9.5 cm
1/4 page$8.00 p/week20 cm7 cm


Advertisements, media statements and other inclusions are to be submitted to the Bruce Rock Community Resource Centre by 9.00 am Tuesday mornings, preferably via email to in the format you wish to have it shown.

Ways to deliver your document

Fax: 08 9061 1704
Post: 40-42 Johnson Street, Bruce Rock WA 6418
Hand deliver: During hours of business

Please contact the girls at the Bruce Rock Community Resource Centre on 08 9061 1687 for more information.


Electronic Rock Review Subscribers: (This section is password protected)

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